Time to catch up

Fianlly time to catch up on things. The last couple of weeks have been, crazy which, actually when you think about it is about normal for moi.

I covered the apperance of William Shatner at the local Star Trek Expo at the end of July. Instresting guy, at the age of 79 he has four shows on the air this coming  fall. The story I did on him ran in the July 4th issue of the Lawton Constition.

I also discovered that the story that Tracy Morris and I co-wrote, “A study in redheads” is now available on  The Grantville Gazette website. We’re already discussing possible plots for a third story.  I’ve got two other short stories to finish by 1 Sept., plus I have a novel I need to edit and another one that I want to start.

Sue is in the final week of rehersals for a new play that will be perfromed next weekend. Then she immedently goes into rehersals for a short one act play, hopefully it won’t be as intensive as this one.



Just before Soonercon Tracy Morris and I got word that our second colalberation has sold to The Grantville Gazette web magazine. It will be in issue 30 and should go live on or about 1 July.  Yeah, us!  We’ve already started talking about a third story with these characters.


Sue and I spent this last weekend at Soonercon over in Oklahoma City. This is the reinvented Soonercon which seems to be doing very well. We both have a soft spot towards Soonercon  since it was there back in the late 80’s that we met.

This time around it was the 15th anniversary party for Yarddog Press, so it was also the release party for the new Bubbas anthology, that we both have stories in. So there were quite a number of Yard Dog people there.

I once again did my interview the GoH schtick this time getting to spend an hour talking with Joe R Lansdale in front of an audience.  It was quite fun, also got to talk to him at his table quite a lot. Also talked to his lovely daughter Kasey, who bought the Sherlock Holmes antho I anm in and got me to sign it ;>.

Speaking of books I brought six copies of Echoes in the Darkness with me and sold all of them through the Yard Dog table. Plus Edge books sold several copies of it as well.

Had a great time, except for dealing with the hotel (sigh). Plus add in post con recovery time as well, longer than normal with two cons in two weeks. Ah well, we don’t have another con on the agenda for three weeks or so.


As we have for the past several years we spent the Memorial Day weekend  attending Conquest in Kansas City. Had a really good time, got to see a lot of friends , incoluding some I hadn’t seen in several years. Hustled a few books at the Yard Dog Press table as well. I didn’t have that much paneling, but I did do two critque sessions for people in the writers workshop,  I hope I helped them out with my thoughts on their work.

Got to chat briefly with George R.R. Martin and also with Howard Waldrop. Howard is writer who deserves to be a lot more well known then he is, the man is just so blinking talented and is such a nice guy as well!

However, the highlight of the whole con was Saturday and it wasn’t anything to do with moi. Sue was the fan guest of honor at Roomcon, an annual party that Jimmy H. throws there every year. I was very proud of her. I took  pictures and as soon as I figure out how to do it I will post them on this blog.

We’re back

Spent the holiday weekend in Kansas City at Conquest. However it was not easy getting there. We didn’t get to leave when we had orginally planned because it turned out Sue had to work Friday morning. Before we could leave Had to have a new battery put in the car on Friday and the mechanic mentioned that I would probably need a to replace one of my tires at some point. Then when we were enroute and just about fifteen miles south of Butler, Mo around 4 p.m.  and that was when the tire blew. But it wasn’t the one that the mechanic had mentioned, it waas a different one.  I was trying to change the tire when one of our friends from Texas pulled over and ended up changing it for me ( for which we bought him dinner the next night). Then we had to go in search of a replacement tire. (don’t get me started on those explative deleated donout tires). We got one and made it into the con hotel only about an hour and a half late.

Sue finished the run of her play today. There was an immense sigh of relief and regret from her and the rest of the cast. She admited that she had fun. I could tell that she did and I knew from the time I took her to the audtion that if she got a part she would enjoy herself, she always does. I am immensely proud whenever I see her out there on stage.

As for me I finished up what I hope is the last part of the nonfiction project this morning. It just needs to be copyedited and then I can send it off to the editor. I actually thought I had had it done last week, but the editor on this project came back and asked me if I could do one or two things more. Thankfully they were small projects and could be done quickly. It’s done now and other projects are vieing to get my attention; actually one that I thought was going to be short has started evolving and may turn into something longer when I actually get a chance to work on it.  All of it just from what I thought was a two word title.


Sues play, “The Good Woman of Setzuan”, opened Friday. She has a small role in it but there have been a lot of comments from people about it. I’m very proud of her and love seeing her on stage. She worked a lot on this role, just like she always does, and has every right to be pleased with  the results.

I’ve got what I hope is the last of the non-fiction product done today. Once it has been proofed and copyedited it should be going off to the editor within a day or so. I’ve enjoyed working on it but am very glad to have things done so I can get back to the short stories I need to write and the novel that needs to be edited and a new draft done,


I’m here?

Looks like I found my way in here and got this thing running without any problems. I’ll be figuring out how to make this journal have all the extra stuff that it should have in the near future.

Sue and I went to see Iron Man 2 this afternoon. It was good, not quite as good as the first but still very good.  Once we were home I finished up some more on the non-fiction project, there is only one more part of it that needs doing and then I get to ship it off to the editor.


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