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Time to catch up

Fianlly time to catch up on things. The last couple of weeks have been, crazy which, actually when you think about it is about normal for moi.

I covered the apperance of William Shatner at the local Star Trek Expo at the end of July. Instresting guy, at the age of 79 he has four shows on the air this coming  fall. The story I did on him ran in the July 4th issue of the Lawton Constition.

I also discovered that the story that Tracy Morris and I co-wrote, “A study in redheads” is now available on  The Grantville Gazette website. We’re already discussing possible plots for a third story.  I’ve got two other short stories to finish by 1 Sept., plus I have a novel I need to edit and another one that I want to start.

Sue is in the final week of rehersals for a new play that will be perfromed next weekend. Then she immedently goes into rehersals for a short one act play, hopefully it won’t be as intensive as this one.

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