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Just before Soonercon Tracy Morris and I got word that our second colalberation has sold to The Grantville Gazette web magazine. It will be in issue 30 and should go live on or about 1 July.  Yeah, us!  We’ve already started talking about a third story with these characters.


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Sue and I spent this last weekend at Soonercon over in Oklahoma City. This is the reinvented Soonercon which seems to be doing very well. We both have a soft spot towards Soonercon  since it was there back in the late 80’s that we met.

This time around it was the 15th anniversary party for Yarddog Press, so it was also the release party for the new Bubbas anthology, that we both have stories in. So there were quite a number of Yard Dog people there.

I once again did my interview the GoH schtick this time getting to spend an hour talking with Joe R Lansdale in front of an audience.  It was quite fun, also got to talk to him at his table quite a lot. Also talked to his lovely daughter Kasey, who bought the Sherlock Holmes antho I anm in and got me to sign it ;>.

Speaking of books I brought six copies of Echoes in the Darkness with me and sold all of them through the Yard Dog table. Plus Edge books sold several copies of it as well.

Had a great time, except for dealing with the hotel (sigh). Plus add in post con recovery time as well, longer than normal with two cons in two weeks. Ah well, we don’t have another con on the agenda for three weeks or so.

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